Gold Nugget in a vast black room with small, blurred gold nuggets in the background forming a semi circle with the main golden nugget in the centre

Symbol: Au

Atomic Number: 79

Store of Value

Gold has long been revered as a timeless store of value, tracing back centuries to ancient civilizations. Its intrinsic qualities, including scarcity, durability, and universal acceptance, underpin its status as a reliable hedge against economic uncertainty. Unlike fiat (paper) currencies, which can be subject to inflation and geopolitical risks, gold maintains its purchasing power over time.

Investors often turn to gold during turbulent times, seeking stability and preservation of wealth. Its tangible nature provides a sense of security, making it a cornerstone in diversified investment portfolios globally.  

Industrial Application

Gold also plays a pivotal industrial role in hi-tech electronics and cutting-edge medicine. Because it is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, gold is used extensively in the electronics industries in items such as printed circuits and in transistors. The circuitry of computers, calculators, televisions, telephones, and fire detectors are often plated with gold.

In medicine, gold has been used for thousands of years. Nowadays, gold compounds contribute to the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Gold alloys are also used in implants in various fields of medicine and colloid gold is used in immunogold electron microscopy.

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